Glastonbury Town and the iconic Tor, nature reserves teeming with life, and a beautiful landscape to discover, the Avalon Marshes is a special and magical place with plenty to explore for people of all ages.

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Starling Spectacular

Autumn in the Avalon Marshes brings a change as dark clouds begin to form above fields, woodlands and reedbeds. But these are no ordinary clouds, they are huge flocks or Starlings on the move. They use the reedbeds of the Avalon Marshes as a safe and warm night time roost.

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Our HLF grant is funding some exciting projects for schools, like the Wetland Stories project and Sights & Sounds of the Marshes. The first film of Sights & Sounds of the Marshes can be seen here now, thanks to Somerset Film.

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Want to keep active, make new friends and be in one of the best landscapes in the country? Why not try joining us for volunteering with a difference.

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